Aka the reason I had 2x4's sticking out the Miata.

In my desire to get the job I’m currently at, I stopped working out completely because... Well. I needed to focus 100% on making myself look good for potential employers.

Now that the job is mine, time to get back to lifting. Step one? Increase my home gym capabilities. Pull-up tower/ring station is a go. There’s even a pulley system! Er... In progress, at least.

I’ll probably put corner braces in at the top but the damn thing is rock solid. Roughly 6'9 means it works well for a wide range of exercises. Oh and I didn’t measure once. All eyeballed. Surprisingly everything is lined up! But, uh. Yeah... Woodworker badge - DENIED.


$35 and a few hours (did I mention I used an angle grinder for all the cuts..?) got me exactly what I wanted, nothing I didn’t. Being ceder, it even matches the decor! Lol. It’s in the bedroom because why not. I’m getting ready to move so things are all arranged oddly.

The next place I’m at will have a large home gym, so I’ll probably just toss this and build a more skookum version.


Hideous, but functional. I was going to sand all of the massive splinters off but... Who’s got time for that?