Workplace car spotting - Rally Legend Edition

While standing at the water cooler by the window today I noticed a little black hatchback with a familiar shape. Sure enough, somebody street parked a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v in front of the Italian restaurant across the street! Naturally I had to walk down and check it out.


Potato phone pics because well, I wasn’t expecting to see something this cool today. Maybe I should have though because it is opening day for the horse track here in Saratoga, an event that normal brings out the rich folk and their toys. Usually that means Ferraris or McLarens though, not group A homologation cars.

There is a red e30 M3 that often parks in that spot. I wonder if it’s the restaurant owner? With the trunk wide open I figured the owner wouldn’t be far away and I might get to ask them about the car, but it’s been sitting like that for an hour now with nobody in sight. Interesting...


Man I love the interiors in these.

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