The split system AC in my workshop had a control board in the outdoor unit go bad about 2 months after the standard warranty expired and I just left the breaker to the thing turned off for a while because I was positive that it was going to be a ridiculously expensive fix. I fired it back up a week or so ago and re-troubleshot it and the guys at the manufacturer sent me a new outdoor control PCB for free! That’s the right price!

It arrived on my doorstep today and as I type this, the temperature in my workshop is dropping towards 75° F, which is a pretty excellent temperature for working on cars.


My AC has an outdoor unit and 2 indoor units and only one of the indoor units is powering up right now. I’ll talk w/ the guys at the mfg again tomorrow and see what a new control board for the indoor unit costs, because that’s what looks like needs to be replaced to get the system running 100% again.

Once I get the AC sorted and buy a set of under-hoist safety stands, the workshop is going up on GarageTime, so if you’re an Austin area apartment dweller and need a place to do short projects in style and comfort, keep an eye out.

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