Today the announcement was made that a championship carrying the official FIA World Championship tag will tackle the Nordschleife again: WTCC will start at the Nürburgring in 2015, and it's going to be a very special event.

First of all, WTCC cars are the spiritual successors to the old DTM cars, both in power output and size. Close racing and door to door action is pretty much the normal way, especially now that Chevrolet and Honda have been catching up on Citroen.

To adapt to the special requirements of the Nordschleife, the race will not be a 60km Sprint as usual, but a 120km race (5 Laps) event with a mandatory pit stop, a first in WTCC racing.


The contract signed between the two parties, ADAC Nordreihn and the WTCC, is said to last for 3 years. Exciting times for touring car fans, as the WTCC now features some very special tracks such as the 'Ring, Spa and Macao. Sadly, the US round has been cancelled and will be replaced by an event in China (where else?).