If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

World’s shittiest picture of literally the world's shittiest design of anything ever.

Fuck Hyundai, fuck KIA, and fuck all of Korea. Never again.

Of the two bolts that hold the wheel cylinder in, the one closer to the rear of the car, literally cannot be accessed by any tool I own, or at the local autozone. Because of how the the dust cover is shaped a normal fucking wrench literally cannot fit around it. Went to autozone and bought the smallest fucking 1/4 drive socket wrench and 10mm socket, it’s too close to the knuckle for even that to fit over it. Obviously can’t access it from the top because of the wheel cylinder it fastens to the knuckle. And can’t reach it from the rear.


This shit is an absolute fucking joke, I’m seriously considering junking this car, and just doing my summer job and senior year of college without a car. This shit is beyond a fucking joke. I hope the person who approved this desgin and his decendants for 1,000 fucking years are fucking cursed because this is some bullshit of a higher order than any thing I had to deal with on the god damn Accord from hell. It’d be one thing if it was a European car, but on an Asian car when the whole fucking point is that it’s suppose to be simple and easy to work on? Flat out inexcusable, I’ll literally never by another Korean car, so help me god.

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