WorldRX Sweden Scrapbook

Last weekend I visited the World Rallycross round in Höljes, Sweden. I did a guide for what to expect here last year, so I’ll only show a couple of videos and a bunch of photos now.

Not my photo, but one from the promoter.

Despite it being 20 degrees colder than last year with rain now and then, the presence of Sebastien Loeb and Ken Block contributed to boos the spectator count up to 44 400 this year. Not bad for a place where only 150 people live permanently. Also some of the photos turned during uploading, apologies for that.. They are all turned the correct way on my computer, and I’ve also tried turning them another 90 degrees.. #Kinja’d

Ready to go on Thursday morning.
Camp all set up. It did not look this nice on sunday.
Out camp, with a stereo, fridge and a free sofa straight from the 70's
Lots of room inside the camp for guests. We later moved a not very waterproof tent inside.
This ride was driving around, scraping everywhere.
Typical Höljes caravan.
This Lada actually ran, despite being turned on its side during saturday night.
Volvo VIP ride.
I see nothing wrong with this Passat.
From our view we could see the whole track, with a perfect view of the joker merge
Watching Football in the EKSRX tent.

And finally, a lap from semifinal 2 including Bakkerud and Loeb, among others.

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