Yes, that’s definitely exactly what it looks like. Literally just done to hold it for video.
Screws were shot by the previous owners, fixed now. GST wheels are on!
Gonna get sanded and painted white. 1999 Eclipse rear bumper skirts the custom exhaust we welded. Definitely sounds nice!

Under $400 is what we see here. This poor car has a story that could be made into a movie, having changed owners amongst our circle of friends three times. It eventually came into my friend Nathan’s possession, and thankfully it’s getting the love it desperately needed.

The legendary 4G63 that sits in this car was scored from the junkyard for just over $200 and we knew absolutely nothing about it, so naturally we installed it anyway. The car had been fitted with a 255 LPH Walbro fuel pump, as well as tank to rail braided lines with -6 AN fittings. Because of this, we discovered what landed this motor in a junk car, the fuel rail was filled with deposits and varnish. We can only assume the car had sat for a very long time, and upon being started, things went south.


We have TONS of spare parts here, so we threw in a new rail and injectors, and had to do some buttoning up. The motor is a 1999 and the car itself is a 1995, therefore the cam angle sensor needed a rewire. We had to fab all the intercooler piping from scratch, and used most of what was available from the previous owner, including the Greddy blow off valve.

Today, all of it went on. For the first time in years, this car moved without being pushed. After rigging a few things for a short drive and a quick inspection, we set out without a good, headlights, front bumper and many other things. Needless to say, the car felt very quick, for the 2 minutes it ran. Unfortunately, it died. Nathan immediately thought it had jumped time, but I had asserted that I believed it wasn’t getting ignition. Fuel pressure was a given, as our adjustable regulator showed the correct pressure upon cranking.


A half a mile from home, we pushed it, luckily we live down a hill. After some pushing, he was home quick and we verified timing, and thankfully nothing was jumped or suspect. However, I was correct and the ignition system isn’t providing spark. Unfortunately this was the part where I had to leave for the week for work. But we’re fairly certain the coil pack or the crank sensor just took a crap, after all we know nothing about this motor other than the inspection we gave it.

The moral of the story is this, we have a fairly quick car with a nicely set up suspension, good transmission and clutch and a healthy heart for $400. Many of the spare parts that came with the car, I purchased for my own Talon, bringing Nathan’s Eclipse ownership cost even lower. We cannibalized a rusty Eclipse for the new rear bumper and some other parts. This is a car that was destined for the scrap yard, and thankfully, that’s the last place it will wind up.


Stay tuned for more updates on project Goodwill.

Matthew And Nathan are two idiots that have a large garage, large ambition and small attention span. We buy cars really cheap, and save them from certain death. Please follow me for more stories of really stupid shit you should never attempt to do.