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World's cheapest Jaguar restomod part ???

Rather long list of things I got done tonight and yet so many things I didn’t get to.

Got my toe set to 0. Castor is still off so the car pulls to the left so I’ll have to look into that.


Passenger seat is temporarily bolted in place. Need to make proper brackets for it instead of the strip-metal garbage I have now.

Here’s a look at the headroom with the stock Jag seat, which has a torn-out bottom and no stuffing anymore so I do sit a bit lower than a seat that actually has foam in it.


And here’s the headroom in the Chevy seat. It isn’t stellar but there’s more foam I can still remove from the seat and it is oh so comfy.


Made these for the steering rack. I added some bushings the other day but I couldn’t add enough to prevent the rack from moving side-to-side, so I’ll be hammering these between the washers I already added to take up any remaining slop and slightly preload the rack side-to-side so it has nowhere to move, hopefully improving feel and reducing this obnoxious slop.


Got the A/C compressor taken off real quick and re-torqued the exhaust header bolts, then fixed my too-loose throttle cable (which wasn’t letting me have WOT enough to start in fast-idle mode) and my trans kickdown (not TV) cable which wasn’t kicking down a gear other than very specific situations. Now I need to fix the governor so the trans will let the engine rev out all the way.

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