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Worst day ever, and it was our fault

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Lol, that’s me holding the nozzle *i’ll shoot!* and my dorky friends. It was pretty fun doing a car wash fundraiser after school until things got wierd.


We are raising money for our softball team. My friends thought of doing a car wash not too far from school. It was the team, our coach, and a school district police officer for obvious reasons. Turns out though, the creepers still arrived.

The SUV we are washing there belongs to our catchers grandma and was our first cuatomer. While we were washing it though, stupid guys would honk at us and do cat calls. The police officer didn’t really do much. The whistling was just the worst.


At one point two guys pulled up in their Dodge trucks. One guy just kind of stood there looking at us while the other was begging our coach to volunteer with the team in a creepy manner. After we were done with those 2, another truck pulls up and was just way too creepy saying very inappropriate things. Lol the look on his face after he commented on my back side and the officer said, “excuse me?” He told the guy to leave.

We did end up rasing $450, so that was cool. But at the end, we all pretty much felt dumb for doing this. Never again.

....unless a Viper or Corvette Z06 shows up. I’ll change the spark plugs on those for FREE!

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