What's the worst shoe you've worn while driving?

I'll admit I'm not the best driver; I've been driving a stick for barely two months now. Really, who can we blame but ourselves for a mulligan? - But Jesus H Christ! - If you drive in a pair Adidas Springblades, you will only handicap yourself.

The shoe themselves are actually a bit awkward when simply standing still; they're fairly high, like micro stilts. I bought them last summer for running; it was a frivolous, stupid expense. I eventually warmed-up to them though; they're rather fun when walking because of their springs. But I've done short sprints on wet surfaces, and honestly, they can be rather frightening; every stride gave me a sense that I had just stepped on marbles. But like I said, I do like wearing them when I'm just walking around.

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I decided to drive in these; I wasn't. It's the middle of winter, so my soles and pedals are often wet. The damn shoes slipped, snagged and were all around a nightmare; I had no sense for the pedals, sometimes glancing bellow to check where my feet were. I haven't had a rougher ride since ever, because the one foot would often slip off the clutch too soon and the other couldn't discern between the gas and brake.

I have driven in inch-tall dress boots, and that wasn't so bad; they're just not as grippy as I'd like. I actually did buy a pair of sheepskin-lined slippers just for winter driving, and they are just wonderful; no socks are required and my are feet are kept toasty. They're styled like driving mocs, and after driving in my sneakers, I understood why I've been using them non-stop for the past few weeks. I just wouldn't openly admit that they're actually - sigh - Uggs.

What are your experiences?


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