Okay, I’m sure there are plenty worse, but I’m still pissed. Yesterday, my power went out. None of my breakers were tripped, so I assumed it was just the storm and went to bed. Woke up to still no power, but my neighbor was watching TV. So, I called the power company and asked if they had accidentally shut mine off. They told me that it was showing as active on their end, so I thanked them and went outside to check the main breaker. It was still in the “on” position. So I called the complex and explained the situation. They said they’d send out some maintenance guys right away. This was at about 9:45 AM, or ~15 hours into my blackout. By 11, I gave up on waiting and went out to run some errands. Came back at 1:30 to find my breaker box open, but still no power. So they came in, checked my breakers, never even considered flipping the light switch, and then just left. So I went online and put in a work order. I flagged it as high priority. At 5:00, it started getting dark so I came over to my parents’ house for the night. And now I’m still waiting, with my work order stuck in the “scheduled” state. The office closed an hour ago, so they’re not doing it today I guess. All my food is spoiled now and I’m pissed. Today was my day off, and I didn’t get to play Red Dead like I wanted to. That may not be important, but it’s not something I should be forced to go without either. My WiFi is down, too, of course, so I’ve been on data all day. My phone is only charged because of my car.

Basically, screw my apartment complex. This should have become one of their top maintenance priorities as soon as I reported it. If I don’t have power after work tomorrow, I don’t even know what I’m going to do.