The first time I ever rode in a BMW M3 was a few years ago. My next door neighbor's uncle was teaching her to drive a stick shift in his black E92 M3 coupe, and afterwords he took me for a ride. It was great. He puts aftermarket exhaust on all his M cars, because he complains they lack in the sound department. That one didn't, it sounded like a V8 Vantage, only it revved higher. Well, it would appear the E92 is no more, because I saw him today driving this brand-new and very beautiful M4. It looks even better than the M3, and now it matches his red C2 Stingray convertible.

And the reason this photo is so horrible even by WPEO standards is because I took it with one hand and wasn't looking at the screen, due to not wanting to crash. In order for it to "focus", and I use the term loosely, I would have to do it manually. So yeah, it focused on the steering wheel.