After Howdy Harrell’s amazing photography, allow me to present some of the worst known to mankind ;)

Time for a photodump of all my best (but mostly worst) car-related pictures from the past few months! Excuse the graininess in most of them, they were spur-of-the-moment captures and thus were the result of iPhone camera zoom. Still, hopefully they are clear enough to capture the main idea, and for us to discuss some of these more awesome and esoteric sightings!

I believe this is a turbo wagon, spotted in SF somewhere
Subaru XV Crosstrek vs normal Impreza hatch, interesting comparison
Horrible reflections, but Peugeot 505 wagon in LA!


Early Porsche convertible seen somewhere in CA
Old Merc in a Cadillac lot, because why not?
A selection of the cars present at our Prom venue


Lowered ‘Vette at Prom as a photo prop
That moment when three Mazdas at school all park in a row
Common sight around here


My mom showed me up on this one, she was like, “What is that?” and I suggested it could be an old Ford. She retorted by saying, “Don’t old Fords have greyhound hood ornaments?” Yeah, apparently (according to Google) they do. This was a Chevy.

Thoughts? (Yes, picture quality sucks. Get over it.)