Correct me if I'm wrong, fahrvergnügenists, but I believe the Golf R is the hottest of the Golf hot hatches we get/got here in the U.S., with the hierarchy going GTI, R32, R. Either way, 256hp and 243lbs/ft of torque going through all four wheels via a manual tranny ought to make for a good time.

And here we have the Golf R's slightly more uptight cousin, the S4. This one actually isn't so uptight, because in an act of complete treason to the silver and black world that is the German sports sedan realm, the owner ordered this car in the legendary Imola Yellow, the only newer S4 I have ever seen in that color. Bonus points are awarded for the plate, which read, "ALIEN".

But if you want to talk about sticking it to the great and silver German sedan man, look no further than this later W126 S-Class. It's turquoise, although it looks less so in the picture. Still one of my favorite Mercs.


While not quite so manly as the green GMC 4x4 I showed you a week or so ago, this slightly later C/K is still awesome.

Beep beep, it's a (fast) Jeep. Matches the black SRT8 300 from last time.


Aaand to round things off, have a pair of 911 Carrera S Cabriolets. One 991 and one 997. Like I said, the 911-making Porsche is alive and well.