Avendator! It had already been an interesting day for me when this guy rolled up next to me at a red light as I was driving home from a late Wal-Mart run. I was in the right lane and honestly didn’t notice such a low-roofed car roll up until the light turned green and OH MY GOD THAT SOUND! (Look how much shorter it is than the Versa!) After blowing me away at the light he proceeded to drive really slow. Then he waved his spoiler at me and moved into the lane and let me by. Actually I think the spoiler just automatically pops up at 50 MPH but it waved at me dammit! I’ve actually seen this car a few times in the last month or so, but always going the other way. Was nice to see it up close. There used to be an orange Murcielago in the area that I haven’t seen in a while - maybe it was traded in for this bull. Anyway, I think that pretty much caps the day, goodnight.