Worst Pictures Ever Of

My truck in front of our (soon to be) new home:

When we had the inspection done, my truck got in a few of the shots. Between the listing, the inspection, and the appraisal, here are the only pictures I have of what’s about to be mine.... and the wife’s.... and the bank’s....


Here is an inside view of the garage, plenty of room for a Trans Am and maybe a Durango. Hopefully at the same time. There are currently too many doors. And not enough light. Or room overhead for a lift.

According to Google the current/previous homeowner’s Fusion is only about an inch shorter than my TA, so it should fit fine. Especially since I have less kid-junk.


Literally the only part of the house that needs work is the deck. There is a warped board right ahead of the stairs, and many missing balusters. This will be the first thing I tackle. IF it hasn’t been done... the current owner has a nice little woodworking shop in the basement and had some projects going... not sure if they were for this house or the next. But either way I’m fine with it.


Speaking of wood, hopefully the playset is gone... or we’re gonna have a lot of nice firewood to enjoy the firepit in the corner of the yard with muahaha.

Oh, and I can’t finish a post about a home without showing off some lighting fixtures.... the only ones shown in any of the photos (most are ceiling fans anyways)


Yeah that’s getting updated as well.

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