Worst road trip ever?

I’ll have to deal with an interesting road trip in a few weeks to attend a friend’s wedding (because if your wedding isn’t at least two hours away from any convienent venue, is it really a wedding?), and it reminded me of a pretty bad road trimp I had last year.

A friend of mine actually lives in Avandaro. Which is a strange town, basically imagine if obnoxious northern California liberals were hypocrites and also rich, and also Mexicans who bitch about “The City”in every conversation they have.


Anways, I went with my friend, and a friend of hers. Her friend was a total dick, and on our way back to Mexico City, my friend decided to stay in Avandaro and I had to take the whole road trip alone in my dad’s Jeep, with this obnoxious asshole.

I tried to make a conversation with her, but I failed, so I stayed the whole trip quiet, and so did she. She insisted on leaving some sort of song radio on spotify based on Fleetwood Mac, and by the third song I was super annoyed by it.

It was then that we approached a blocked toll booth. Aparently some protest about free highways. Ironically the protestors insisted we “contributed” to their cause.

She, euphorically, cooperated, and then said it was pretty cool that they did that. But why? Blocking a toll highway to demand better transport is kind of ironic since the toll road pays (via a regressive tax) for better transport services, amongst them, free highways.


Anyways, she spent the rest of the ride saying I was a cuck for not supporting the protest. and did I mention she was an asshole?

So now, on this wedding trip I agreed to take someone who I haven’t decided what relationship I have with them yet. It’s bound to b somewhat strange.


Yes, I’m talking about my middle school ex.

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