Anyone have one, specifically one that will help me feel better about what I just went through at my local post office.

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So I ordered new shoes, a sample vinyl roll, and a few other little odds and ends. My shoes were ordered from the company who made them, everything else was Amazon. So I go in today to my post office to check my PO box, and I have a yellow slip saying I had something at the counter. I go up and am presented with 1 box, just my shoes. So I very politely asked if there was anything else, because I have multiple packages there from two different places. Immediately she got confrontational about it, and said there is nothing else, we go back and forth I show her my order status on Amazon on my phone and she reluctantly looks again. Comes back says there is nothing, and eventually she sends me off to another employee.


So I again explain to that employee what is going on and she tries telling me that my amazon stuff is inside of my box that wasn’t even from amazon.....what....So eventually she looks at who signs for it and just happens that my last name is the same as whoever signed it, so then blame game on me, saying that someone I know or me went and signed for it. Since I was at work at the time it was delivered to the post office, and I know NO ONE with the same last name as me in even the same state where I live.

So after we go back and forth what seems like a manager comes over and also jumps in the argument, explaining that it must be at the Fed Ex sorting facility, even though it says delivered to the address, without a note about not being there, which Fed Ex will do, it’s happened before to me. Then they claim that the address must not be on the package, even though of the 50+ packages I’ve received in the past year or so, I have not had a single occurrence of my address not being on a package. And that should never happen since my Amazon account automatically puts my address in, and unless someone screwed up so bad that they took effort to block off my PO box, or cut it off, then it can’t happen.

After 30 minutes of all this, GUESS FUCKING WHAT. My package was there, it was on a rack out back that no one bothered to check. I was handed my package and left without a word from them or me. 

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