Does anyone here do HPDE in a majorly underpowered car for your run group?

I do HPDE with the Porsche Club, and my run group has everything from Cayman’s to GT3 RS’s. My 430hp Corvette leaves me near the bottom-middle of the pack. It’s slow in the corners, but holds its own on the straights. Annoyingly, I burn through a set of brake pads after just two weekends, which is getting old quickly.


Thus, I’m considering buying my first Porsche!

My budget is $30K, and I’m only looking at post-IMS models (so 2009+). The Cayman S hasn’t quite depreciated enough, and they’re rare as hens teeth. I guess not many people were buying Porsche’s during the Great Recession. But there are a handful of 2.9L base models.***


Here’s how it compares to my Corvette:

Base C6 Corvette

  • 6.2L V8
  • 430 hp / 424 lb-ft
  • 3217 lbs
  • Brakes the size of kiwis that need new pads after just two track weekends

Base 987.2 Cayman

  • 2.9L H6
  • 265 hp / 221 lb-ft
  • 2954 lbs
  • Same brakes as the 987.2 Cayman S (yes, really! Except the calipers are painted black instead of red)

Pros: Larger brakes with fixed calipers for quick pad replacement, lower curb weight, superior handling, slower depreciation, and it’s actually slow enough that I’d probably never have to lift off the throttle when giving the pass signal.

Cons: There are faster-moving glaciers, less torque than a salamander, no more V8 noises, and always being outshined by my dad’s GT4.

What say you, Oppo?

***There are a few 981 base Cayman’s, but the 981 is actually a bit slower thanks to less torque from it’s smaller engine (only 2.7L) and cripplingly tall gearing (78mph in 2nd!). Plus it also has electric steering, and smaller brakes than the 981 Cayman S. 

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