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Would an affordable, compact RWD sedan fail in America?

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Right now, the most affordable RWD sedan in America (according to my extensive research) is the base model Dodge Charger. Not exactly economical, sporty (it's a muscle car, calm down Charger-bro's) or ahem... fun sized. But what if someone, someone with huge and fantastic balls of righteousness, brought a affordable ,compact RWD sedan to market? Would it succeed?


First, the parameters. It would have to be in the under $20k price range. $15-$20k for a base model, price goes up with options. I'd like to hope a manual option would be offered, but lets forget that for a minute and just assume that there is an option for a DSG tranny and the acronym CVT never gets mentioned.

It's selling points? Small, fun, sporty car for the everyman who can't afford a BMW or Cadillac, but wants to have the kind of fun that comes with owning one of those cars. Let us assume that the styling is executed well too.


So, given this scenario, could such a car be success? if so, why has it not happened yet? If not, why not? Let's try to get beyond the obvious of "FWD is more efficient" etc. We all know you can still build an economic, light RWD car.

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