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Would an Elise be a huge downgrade from a C6 Corvette?

Ok my lovelies, it’s time for Part II of “marshknute can’t stop thinking about underpowered track cars.” Last time it was a base 987.2 Cayman. Now it’s a Lotus Elise!

As a refresher, I do HPDE with the Porsche Club, and my run group has everything from Cayman’s to GT3 RS’s. My 430hp Corvette leaves me near the bottom-middle of the pack. It’s slow in the corners, but holds its own on the straights. Annoyingly, I burn through a set of brake pads after just two weekends, which is getting old quickly.


I hadn’t checked Elise prices until now, but they’re CHEAP. Like $30K cheap. So, if the whole point of the Cayman was to get a lighter/nimbler track car that was easier on consumables, shouldn’t the Elise be an even better option? In terms of power-to-weight, the Elise slots perfectly between the base Cayman and Cayman S. Tires and brake pads cost half as much as they do on the Corvette, and at nearly half the curb weight, surely they’ll last nearly twice as long.

Base C6 Corvette

6.2L V8

430 hp / 424 lb-ft

3217 lbs

Brakes the size of kiwis that need new pads after just two track weekends

Lotus Elise

1.8L I4

190 hp / 138 lb-ft

1975 lbs

An entire car the size of a kiwi

Pros: Cheap AF to own, unmatched handling, looks badass, holds its value.

Cons: Snap oversteer, less power than a pencil sharpener, as comfortable as falling down a flight of stairs, does it even have a radio???


What say you, Oppo?

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