about a technical deep dive on the new types of AWD systems on the market? I.e. the FWD based systems that are the majority now? I started researching it and I was going to write something up but im not super motivated to do it. On the one hand I like to write and I like seeing “good” oppo content. On the other hand...if no one wants to read it, I could just research it myself and save the effort for something else.

I asked PG13 if they wanted anything and I got a hearty “meh”. Just wondering if it would be something you care to read? or if I should just research it for my edification.


or if you would read something like it...what kind of angle would make you interested in reading it:

why it matters

how is it different

short versus long


Just thinking about loud. I want to write more again

Enjoy a stupid picture of a stupid man sitting stupidly over a 200 foot drop on the wrong side of the bridge. Getting content, I guess.

Illustration for article titled would anyone care

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