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Last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Wanting to sip a whisky that didn’t break the bank and was good enough, I pulled out my 375ml bottle (1/4 gone) of The Glenlivet Founders Reserve. It’s the cheapest single malt available in my market ($50 CDN for 750ml). Couldn’t finish the glass. Forgot just how awful it was. sideshowbobrakeinface.gif


Did some online research before I left the house this morning. I considered Grants Family Reserve blend ($24 CDN) as I’d had a bottle before and finished it within the year (a good sign), but it was distinctly...well...a $24 blend. Thought about Johnnie Walker Black too, but was looking for something with a little less character. And at $55...I could get a single malt.

Without trying it before and based on reviews and cost ($57 CDN) I picked up a bottle of Aberlour 10. Wow. It’s bottled at 40% so adding water is kind of out of the question, but with this quality, there’s really no need either. Wow. Rich, tasty, very drinkable. Could be priced at $70 $80 and would still be worth every penny. has it for $32 US and Americans could probably find it in local shops for $25.


As a daily: 10/10

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