The other day I went to start my C5 corvette after not driving it for a few weeks only to find 2 pedals where normally 3 pedals should be - clutch decided it had enough and fell to the floor.

Apparently it’s a thing - clutch fluid gets really dirty, boils and has air bubbles. I did the Ranger’s method - suck out the fluid from reservoir as much as possible. Add new. Pump clutch few times. repeat until liquid is clear.

When I was backing into a spot, clutch was pushed in and I was on the friction zone trying to give it just enough to not go too fast and bang up underside. Anyway - clutch was sticking again.


I am planning on changing out the clutch master cylinder. Got one from autozone. I am certain it’s crap quality but better quality than what I have in C5 now. It came without the hose to clutch slave cylinder and I am thinking of re-using it.

Would you re-use it or would you get a new one? Problem with getting a new one is where the connection is and how pain in the ass it is to detach and attach plus I don’t believe there are any problems with the hose. only that maybe inside the hose has some gunk.

Lots of problems with C5 as of late - hazard lights button got stuck in the dashboard (typical). Clutch needs a little viagra to stay up. Clutch position sensor might be going faulty - won’t recognize pedal being pressed and blocks the car from starting. Brake fluid is dirty too - need to flush it this weekend.

Somehow japanese cars never had these issues - Drove my Acura Integra for years without any of these problems. Weird and disappointing.

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Yes, that’s a C6 shifter. I have it in my C5

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