1. Company receives two separate, unrelated reports of workers smoking weed at an outdoor picnic table at the work site.

2. Two witnesses, one an employee and one a family member picking up an employee from work give statements confirming by smell and appearance that it was definitely weed. Another witness says one of the smokers (from a temp agency) bragged about how the agency let him get high at work.

3. The company investigates whether the supervisor in charge of the area knew or should have known.


4. The male supervisor claims that one of his female subordinates sexually harassed him. She denies it. She is a custodian, lowest position in the company. He claims that he went to HR, and HR refused to help. He never sends an email or documents in any way. He never writes her up for inappropriate comments or behavior, despite having authority to do so.


5. He is fired because he either allowed the weed smoking, or wasn’t paying attention. Very hazardous workplace.

6. He sues, claiming harassment and retaliation for reporting harassment.


What say you, Oppo jury?