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If there is one thing that I learn these past few weeks its that marketing, gimmick and possibly Youtube matters. Think about it. A few startup companies are springing up offering electric vehicles and more specifically targeting the truck buyers market. I was surfing thru the web looking for reviews and trim line differences on the Tacoma on Youtube and on the corner was a thumbnail of a new electric truck from Rivian. I never paid attention to it till I keep seeing more thumbnail of it so I decided to click on it and it shows this nice looking pickup truck with a compartment in between the cab and bed that you can put a set of golf club and other stuff which I have not seen other companies have done.

Image borrowed from the web

But then you are probably wondering why I am talking about the Rivian when my heading indicates the Cybertruck. Ahh.. but this is where things get interesting at least to me. While trying to get more info about this truck in Youtube, there were suddenly more thumbnails about Tesla’s Cybertruck popping out of nowhere. So my curiosity about it started to grow and my first impression looking at the side of this truck makes me wonder if I am actually looking at the right photo as it does not resemble any pickup truck at all. In fact like most people’s first impression the truck looks ugly or unconventional. But then that’s probably the catch that got a lot of Youtubers talking which makes good word of mouth marketing. Most likely the traffic about the Cybertruck grew even more after it was revealed on Thursday night November 21 at 11PM ET at the Tesla Design Center in Los Angeles.

But here is the thing. It seems the Rivian was overshadowed at least in Youtube by this truck and thumbnails with headings about why they are getting the Cybertruck is becoming the norm. And the only thing most of them is basing on is the spec that was given in the presentation. Really? Basing on spec without actually test driving the truck at all? How would you know how reliable it is? Let’s not forget handling and comfort which can only be determined if you actually drove it. For me anything new specially on technology would usually come with some glitches that needed to be worked out so I would probably wait till it’s been on the market for a while before I put good money on it.

So what about you? Would you buy a Cybertruck or any other vehicles without a test drive? Leave your answer on the comment section.

Yes as the presentation is dependable information

No as I actually need to be driving the vehicle first

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