My co-worker just rode by my building to show me her 2013 Ford Edge. She got a great deal on it because it was a dealers demo, she actually saved about 6 grand off msrp. It's a "Limited" trim level with every bell and whistle you can add to the thing. While doing my usual vehicle inspection I noticed some out of the norm wear for 600 miles on the odometer....

  • The front leather seats are cracked to hell
  • The front bumper was out of alignment so bad that I myself popped the entire driver side back into place and it still popped back out.
  • There's easily 10 random door dings from the base of the truck as high as the door pillar
  • She's already noticing weird rattles from the inside
  • She already has taken it in for paint work that she didn't notice when she bought it (rear tail gate srape) and it's STILL not right.

I mean are the demos hooned to literally pieces? I thought they were just intended for show room floor and feature demonstration purposes?

So would you buy a "demo" if the price was right? (car in picture is a google image)