My dad is thinking about replacing one of his current toys with a Miata, and he came across somebody sort of close to us selling a 2009 Grand Touring that the seller claims was used for reviews when it was new. I'm not asking if you would buy this specific car, but in general would you buy a press car if it appeared to be well maintained?

On the one hand, the journos don't exactly baby them when they have them. On the other hand, one would think that car gets top notch maintenance during this period. I'm not sure how many miles would be put on a car during its stint as a press car, so it might be a big deal or it might not be. I feel like if it was in good condition when you were looking to buy and the seller wasn't trying to tack on some ridiculous "celebrity" premium, it might be cool to buy a car and then find an old magazine so you can say "yep, that's my car right there" and put it on your garage wall or something.