Highschool parking lot: circa 2017 Explanation for the picture below.

The transaction is simple:

You take my jeep away from me at perhaps 75% of its market value and I don’t have to explain how I got that little scuff, or those little dings, or why it has aftermarket carpets but only in back.

The dealer will probably say“a smuck sold it to me for a good price, wierd guy, good price, it’s mechanically sound though” and earn that last 25% that I couldn’t bother having. Dealer simply cleaned it up, had their mechanics do an OBD2 read to check for codes, and put it up front.

I went to school with a bunch of rich kids (rich kids tend to go to american schools here and then flunk out a few semesters later) and as you can tell the parking lot is a parade: a Mercedes g55, a competition package m3, a mini cooper S, and a JK wrangler.

And I thought to myself “would I buy any of those from their current owners?” and the answer is Fuck no! I know these people and I know they wouldn’t care for their cars, I’d consider the Mini but the others, specially the very expensive ones, I would disqualify.


I bet that BMW was redlined before it’s break in period ended and I know for a fact that G class has a crash history because the owners backed into me...more than once.

There was also a brand new TTquattro and the last time I saw it it was doing 200km/h on a busy highway. The car was later hydrolocked and written off due to water damage.

It then dawned on me, would I buy my cherokee?

Well... No... I wouldn’t. Because I know how it’s been treated. I know I lost the interior lamp, neither of the fog lamps are working, it squeaks and rattles, and it hasn’t been taken care for too well. It only has city miles (the hardest on the components) and I also lost the luggage cover. Most importantly, I drove it as a teen and I now have quite clear that I’m a horrible driver.


I suck at driving! That’s why I drive slowly now, but when I got the jeep four years ago I felt like Ayrton Senna or something because I would always go quickly.

Today it dawned on me that if I want to own a car worth buying from myself I’d have to become much more cautious with it and leagues more responsible.