“Would you consider selling it?”

Kris, owner of the other manual Solar Yellow TJ Unlimited (Rubicon edition) in this photo, asked me that yesterday.

He was quite surprised I didn’t immediately say no.

Truth is, I love my LJ.

But damn am I tired of getting it fixed.

Latest addition to the laundry list of problems: about a week ago the ignition cylinder started acting up. I effectively lost the “on” position between off and run.


It got worse fast, and today I noticed I could remove the key while it was still running. Next time I stopped this evening, I couldn’t turn it off at all.

Fortunately I had given that possibility some thought while I drove and, remembering all the times over the years I’ve been distracted while idling and let off the clutch while the engine was still running, decided to do it deliberately this time.

That killed the engine, but the power was still on, so now my Jeep is sitting in my driveway with the battery disconnected. Tomorrow I’ll take it to a dealer and see what other issues on my long list make sense to get addressed at the same time.

I love my LJ, but if I added up all the receipts from the last 5 years, I could have purchased another like it at least once, probably twice. (Assuming I could have found another like it; Kris had to drive to Idaho to buy his!)


Hopefully I’ll have it back for this weekend’s mini Oppo meetup, but we’ll see. If I have to miss next weekend’s Toledo Jeep Fest for the first time in its history I’ll be extremely disappointed.

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