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Would you pay $74/month to watch V8 Supercars?

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According to a report, that I only found today, the next V8 Supercars TV rights deal will see only 6 races per year live on free-to-air network Ten.


To see the other races you'll have to pony up $74/month to subscribe to Foxtel's pay TV service and have access to the sports channels. The upside is that you'll see every race, practice and qualifying round, as well as support races, live and in HD. Compare that to the current situation where Channel Seven shows qualifying and races, and some support races and practice rounds, but only in SD.

Back home in Oz, I wouldn't mind tuning to watch a bit of V8 Supercars action. I wasn't rusted on, die-hard fan, but if I was home, bored and flicking through the channels and came upon it, I'd happily sit around and watch for a while.


That being the case, my answer would be "no" to the $74 question.

What about you?

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