If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Would you pay more for the color you want?

Right, then...

Earlier, I mentioned that I’m looking for a late model Sienna. I like the Red Salsa Pearl, but finding that in the Limited package has been a challenge. Check that - when I find one and point it out to the buying service I’m using, they say it’s over priced (per KBB). The ones that are not overpriced? The gray and silver ones. Now, those are fine colors in themselves, but a) the silver ones look like corporate shuttles, and b) the gray ones are...anonymous. Mind you, there’s something to be said about anonymity, and it’s not like red (‘scuze me: “Red Salsa Pearl”) is going to make it cooler than it is and I’ve nothing *against* gray... I’m making a purely superficial decision and it feels stupid. There’s also pearl white...which is fine. Black is nice when it’s clean for those 15 seconds, but I’m not going to do that.

Note that I’m not hurting for a new car...the XC70 is still going and is showing no signs of stopping. I’m just getting impatient, and a little frustrated.


There’s no point to this other than I have 55 minutes to kill before I bail. So thoughts, Opponauts? Should I hold out for the *perfect* color?

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