Would You Rather?

The new Alfa Spider VS C7 Vette, now here me out on this.

We all know the Corvette is just essentially two V6 Mustangs, meaning its by far the best bang for your buck around 50k. We also all know that buying a car slightly used is a great way to save a few pennies. Let some fool break the car in and take the deprecation hit for you.


I am completely assuming because Miata's are priced $25-30k that the Alfa/Fiat version will be $35-45k. Which I'm also assuming will be right along the price of a used C7 when they eventually hit showrooms in a year or so.

So lets assume you'll have $40k burning a whole in your pants. What will it be Oppo, a new sexy Italian?

Or a lightly abused powerful American?


EDIT: Another US victory.

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