Would you rather.........

Suppose you found a genie.....

.... and that genie will give you a new vehicle. But it has to fall into one of two categories, an enthusiast vehicle of the genre you despise or a mind numbing appliance. You have to pick one, all your other vehicles will be demolished. There is no way around it. The genie knows all of your likes and dislikes, so you can’t get around the horribleness of the options.

Would you rather have one semi mind numbing ride as your do it all vehicle or a enthusiast type vehicle that you depise?


For example if you hate off-road, you would get a functional brodozer. If you hate stance, you would get a stanced car as your DD. You will hate it as soon as you see it.

The mind numbing car would sap any and all passion for driving. It would not be remotely fun to hoon and would be sensible for everything, meaning it excels at nothing. You will hate it as soon as you see it.



or this?


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