If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Would you rather?

You’re about to buy a car that will last you the next 15 years.

Which of these 2 cars would you buy? One isn’t cheap for a used car, one is expensive for a new car.........

A) $25k - For a used Lexus ES350 from Carmax. Only 10K miles, nicely optioned. Should last forever and won’t cost you an arm and leg to maintain. It won’t be fun per se, but will be extremely comfy for trips. Your zeitgist will come from being swathed in comfort, driving a “fancy” car, saving money because it will cost next to nothing in maintenance, and dammit, it’s just nice to relax and drive a soft car.


B) $42K for the car, $5K for the trip to Europe, so $47K total - For a brand new entry level “Oppo” BMW 320i, with a stick. The options you pick are; the sport package, red paint, manual, and heated front seats. The delivery options are picking it up in Germany. You have always wanted the ultimate driving machine and this may be the last chance to buy one before they all go CVT/front wheel drive. Your zeitgeist comes from picking it up from the factory in Germany, driving it on the Autobahn, around the black forest, and on The Ring. It’s stupid expensive for a 4 cylinder car with almost no options, but it’s still (sort of) the ultimate (or at least adequate) driving machine.

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