Would you rather........

It’s been awhile. Let’s be weird.

You’ve been out drinking and lost a bet about the Falcons winning the Super Bowl. It WAS A LOCK!!!! Time to pay up.

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Would you rather love and never have again or never love?

You can love motorcycles but you can never drive one again. Passenger rides are okay. Or vice versa, you could love cars but never drive one again. Your love of boats means you will never be able to drive one again. All your previous memories will still be intact but you will never be able to partake in your love again. Any vehicle you can drive fills you with sorrow because it reminds you of the one vehicle you can’t ever drive again.


Or would you rather....

Merely be apathetic to cars. They all become appliances to you. You can’t understand why anyone drives anything beyond a mid-size CUV or a Prius. Motorcycles are crazy people out to kill themselves. You can drive to your heart’s content but you’d rather just go hiking and put pics of your food on Instagram. You will have no memory of ever loving or enjoying automobiles. You will live and die by Consumer Reports. No love, no sorrow, just meh.


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