Would you rather.....

It’s Friday afternoon, I’m reviving a long lost, unloved question of would you rather. A spirited discussion about the merits of buying vs building over lunch has proven invigorating. I’ll be gentle.

You are sitting in a bar, discussing with your fellow patrons about the nuances of aerodynamics and art deco automotive design of the 1930's when an alien from Planet All The Things taps you on the shoulder. The alien has appreciated your unique insight and wants to present you a gift. You will have an infinite garage to be filled with all the worldly automotive delights ever produced. If a car has ever existed, your imagination will summon it to your garage. No money is needed, there are full of gas and ready to go every morning.

There are a few issues but they are reasonable, your new alien pal assures you. You can’t summon more than existed. You can’t magically build 18 Daytona coupes, but you can bring those lost to history back from the dead. If you sell one you can’t wish it back, you will have to buy it.


Alien thing tells you that you can have all that but you must choose which planet, theirs or Earth. You won’t know what you will get but you will be given a full encyclopedia of all models to ever exist should you pick cars from Planet All The Things.

Would you rather have cars from Earth or All The Things?

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