Would you rather.........

Torch’s post on the intricacies of four wheeled dually half Jeeps has reminded me that it is time to let me brain relax and be weird again.

It’s Friday for me as I’ll be out of the office tomorrow, so this one will be easy.


Let’s imagine your spouse rolled their eyes every time you went into the garage. Constantly second guessed your decision to spend money on a habit they see as a waste of time, money, and space. In exchange for countless snide remarks, you have a bank account that allows you a reasonable car collection. You have a decent garage with a lift, a couple cars, and maybe one in the process of a rebuild. You have money, but it isn’t life altering and you can’t buy your way in an F1 seat.


Would you rather have an enthusiastic spouse? Who drives on a road trip has become a source of tension. You both endlessly drool over your next project car. Pushrod LS motors vs OHC configurations get heated but you two always end up sans clothes with gear in ......places. Alas, money is tight and the kids need braces. Deep down you know you won’t ever have that project car you two dream about. You have to scrape together enough money just to run an autocross once or twice a year, even a decent set of tires and a spare set of wheels for autocross are out of the question.

Would you rather have money to supply your automotive habit and spouse that doesn’t get it or a spouse that gets it but no money to fund the addiction habit?

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