Would You Rather: 2nd car RWD coupe edition

So you have a great, reliable DD & $20k burning a hole in your pocket. You are also itching to have some more fun in life.

There are few options for you to choose from, the 'Murican brawler, European classic, or Japanese drift machine.


This Dart has gone full American with a 440 slotted up front, because why not? If you don't live near anything that resembles a corner this is thing would be a blast.

Or maybe you're the kind of person that does like corners. In that case no one could argue with this classic 911. Those wheels, that spoiler … hubba.


But maybe "sideways & smiling" is your mantra, a slightly used FRS could be perfect. With only 7k miles, you could even say its the sensible choice.


What car (& therefore lifestyle) do you choose?

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