This post marks the start of a new "Opposode." In introducing it, I have made the contest to choose to buy a car between two somewhat similar cars—however, the contests can be between two completely different cars from opposite ends of the planet. You are given a scenario to determine which car you would rather have; value should not be a factor, (just assume the car can never be sold and you are given the money to buy one). It will serve as the only car for the purpose. Here are the two, somewhat similar, cars and the scenario:

You are a father of 2 children who skis looking for a non-winter DD. You want a fun track day car that will comfortably haul your kids and gear around and were looking for a ZHP, but a rare opportunity to own a tastefully modified, mint, Euro 3.2 E36 coupe comes up. Which do you choose, both being worth around $10,000 in this instance, and why?

-330i ZHP (6MT sedan)

-E36 M3 (Euro 3.2 coupe)