In the last WYRO, the W123 300TD Turbo edged out the Volvo 245 turbodiesel for the title of the most Jalop car by way of a narrow victory of a slim margin of 4 votes out of 150. Because the difference smaller than a possible margin of error, I don't think we can rule one way or the other. The throne and crown for the most Jalop automobile remain wholly untouched yet. Today, I bring you two cars that are far from being Jalop but are badass and well-liked nonetheless: the Z51 C7 and C5 Z06 Corvettes.

The new C7 Corvette has made waves thanks to its many strengths and fantastic critical reception. Despite its being an "ordinary" Corvette, it performs on the level of the world-beater C5 Z06. However, it is a great departure from the hard-nosed C5 Z06 which sports comparable performance while doing away with the appointments that make the C7 so appealing to the middle-aged, wealthy man. The C7 is a fantastic all-rounder, offering amazing stats and styling while being a reasonable car to own and fantastic value proposition; owing to these merits, any enthusiast would drool over one. Despite its advantages, though, it is not necessarily more appealing to the typical gearhead than the track-oriented C5 Z06—a car that is a fast and edgy handful.

(Keep in mind that money is not an object in WYRO. It is simply a matter of personal preference. Also, this car would not be your daily driver.)


There is probably not much you don't know about the upcoming Corvette. It's been plastered on every automotive website and magazine. That can make you forget about the Corvette's glorious (recent) lineage. There are two Z06s as well as two ZR-1s, all being fantastic performance machines. However, I would be a bit overzealous to think that comparing the new Vette or C5Z to either of the ZR-1s would be fair. I personally love the clean and unique styling of the C5, and think this is the fairest Corvette battle possible considering that many share my sentiments regarding the C5. The 405bhp C5 Z06 was a blisteringly fast car, sprinting to 60 from a stop in 3.9 seconds and doing the quarter mile in 11.8 as well as boasting a 171 MPH top speed. The C7's 460bhp LT-1 affords it similar performance figures, putting down a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds and a quarter mile time of 12.2 seconds. We will count the C7 as a Z51 package-equipped car to make the comparison fairer, seeing as the C5's specialty is handling. While we cannot compare Nurburgring lap times, it is worth recognizing that the C5 Z06 put down an admirable 7:56 and the C7 Z51 has been greatly praised for it handling capability. What we can deduce from this information is that, despite the cars' drastically different characters (and interiors), they perform very similarly (which is, to say, very impressively).


So, which car represents your taste and style? Would you rather own the wild-looking but more sedate and refined C7, or the C5: a stiff and high strung driver's Corvette (that just so happens to be equipped with pop-up headlights)?

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