Last month the “family car” got wrecked. I need to replace it and I’m darned tired of family cars. (2006 Lexus RX400h). The Lexus was rock hard dependable. It had 171K when it was totaled and was still going strong. Now I want something with a bit more umph to it, that can still do family duty, like driving on vacation. I had been looking at other Lexi and Infinitis, when this came on my radar. Its a 2011 Taurus SHO with 85K miles with a $13K dealer-price. Now, I do own a Ford, (1999 Windstar) that does duty as a junk and occasional people hauler and when it hit 85K, it was starting to get rough. At 100K I had a transmission rebuild when the reverse sungear went out, at 130K a freeze plug blew out and that required a major engine service, at 140K the steering rack needed to be replaced. So yeah, I’m aware that Fords aren’t going to be like a Toyota product.

Anyway, this particular car is not a pristine Carfax vehicle, it was a 2 owner Ohio lease car that now has made its way down south. Of course I’m concerned about corrosion. I’m also concerned about it being a Ford with 85K miles. The price really has me thinking though. 360HP Twin Turbo AWD for this seems like a performance bargain. Anyway, what’s the opinion on these? Is something going to grenade by 100K? (I hear about PTU fluid issues.)

Any advice appreciated.