Woke up feeling slightly more refreshed than the past two weeks, loaded up on medications and drove to work with my freshly-rewired sound system bangin’ the beats, yo. Got to work, 1upped on coffee, and got to work feeling the best I’ve felt in weeks... for about two hours. Then I started getting stuffy, slowed down, bit of a headache, and got a sudden random nosebleed in a brand new 2016 Equinox. Luckily I avoided bleeding on the car. Annoyingly I bled all over myself. And that was the last symptom of Mono that I was lacking, I now have the full set and have captured all Pokemon. Looks like it’s gonna be a fairly miserable month as the cure for Mono is “wait”. Picture of the Equinox in question for your time. For some reason it is listed as “tan” in the system and I’m fairly certain someone here is blind.