I can't even.... Seriously?? Wow. Just wow....

Lexus has outdone themselves with this ad. At least Toyota ads make no statement other than than their marketing department is smoking something. But this Lexus ad is just pure bullshit. Nowhere in the civilized world is diesel that hard to find. Sure, diesel is about the price of premium, but it doesn't fluctuate like premium, at least not where I live (near LA).

Bu in the ad Lexus fails to mention that hybrids get shit mileage on the freeway, when driven at freeway speeds. Toyota's hybrid engine is extremely inefficient at the speeds their idiot owners drive at, whereas diesel engines are not. Diesels also have a shit load of torque, making passing maneuvers around Prius's and CT200h's much faster than a passing maneuver in a Prius would be. Diesels are also a lot faster than the stupid Lexus badged Prius. Lexus states the Prius 0-60 is 9.8 seconds, whereas a VAG 2.0L TDI is around 8 seconds. The VAG also feels a lot faster, which is very important.

Bottom line is Lexus' ad is bullshit and not true. And diesels are a hell of a lot better than any boring ass Toyota hybrid.

Just for illustration's sake, here is a Lexs badged Prius driver:


And here is an Audi TDI driver: