Most of you likely recognize the name Tomy from their extremely extensive 1/64 toy car line and for their, well, more meme-able products. They also have license from Walt Disney to make toys based on a number of Disney properties, including Disney Jr. Disney Channel, Disney XD and Pixar (as well as other properties including Pokemon). They’ve made toys and figurines for such hits as Miles from Tomorrowland, Inside/Out and Zootopia, a film that scored near-100% on RottenTomatoes just days before its release. The toys include pretty accurate and high-quality figures and, perhaps most noteworthy, film/show-accurate cars and other vehicles that are roughly properly scaled to said figures (meaning, yes, some of these can get pretty darn big).

But boy if their commercials don’t completely suck the big one.

I think I’m pretty sure I saw this style of commercial somewhere before....