Wow, it's really, really good. #MiataLife

I just took the Miata out for the first shakedown. This was an hour long drive (4x longer than any previous drive since I’ve owned it). It’s really, really good. The clutch is still borked so I never went more than half throttle but the damn thing is just so unbelievably stable.

Things I’ve learned today:

The Good:

  • That whole “it’s a momentum car” thing is absolutely true and it’s glorious
  • The 1.6 actually sounds pretty good
  • 30mph feels like 100mph in any other car
  • 60mph feels like:
  • The car is incredibly planted around corners
  • 80mph is a ton of wind buffetting but is much more stable than my Ralliart (even despite not having an alignment on the Miata yet)
  • This whole top-down thing is the world’s greatest way to see California and the Exocet will be even better

The Bad

  • The engineers put the radio in so that you could listen to it at stoplights, nothing more
  • The brakes are a little mushy so the new master cylinder should cure that (coming tomorrow)
  • I suck at hill starts (this is my first manual)
  • I realized that my face is at the same level as most motorcyclists hips
  • I’ll be keeping sunblock the car - I got a sunburn in a 1 hour drive

In general, this is how I feel about driving it:

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