Which one tows more?

The answer will suprise yo....Its a tie.

The Zr2 suspension apparently down-rates the towing to 5000 lbs. Also, it has less payload than a base chevy equinox. For real. 1100 lbs. Granted its not much worse than the Tacoma at 1175, but with the Tacoma you aren’t going to feel bad ripping out those leafs and shocks for some heavier stuff if you need to where you wouldn’t dare tear out the fancy DSSV shocks or mess with the spring rates. I guess you could airbag but still.

Its also got bigger tires than the TRD pro but worse angles everywhere but departure, pluse worse running ground clearance somehow.


I think the ZR2 is neat and all but for touring, anyone looking to tow or for anyone who likes to mod...I don’t know.