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Wow. (Lots of stuff)

Here's an ABT Q5 I saw in Snowmass for your time, since this post is off-topic.

I'm currently on the way to the hospital to visit my friend's family. My friend (who is my age) had a brain aneurysm, which has a mortality rate of about 50%.


An operation was done yesterday morning, which apparently went well. He's awake and can communicate by writing, and will be in ICU for at least two weeks. He should be okay, but it still creeps me out. He is one lucky bastard.

EDIT: He is now awake and can speak. A recovery this good in only 24 hours is remarkable, if not miraculous.


Here is an ML63 I saw in Denver as a reward for reading this far.

In other news, a cute girl from my calculus class wants me to teach her tennis, so opportunities galore!


Finally, this is a quick Photoshop sketch of an idea I had a while ago relating to wind tunnels and downforce. What do you think?

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