Rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder on the Saab today - and then royally fucked up when putting it back in.


I could not get it to bleed, no matter what I was trying, and I think my ex-room mate took my vacuum bleeder when they moved out (or just straight up stole it). So I removed the line from the slave cylinder and stuck it into a jar of brake fluid - and instead of venting air into the jar, it kept sucking fluid up, and back into the master cylinder. I’ve never seen this happen before.

In any event, I couldn’t get it to bleed no matter what I tried, and only seemed to get more and more air into the system. So I was trying to lift the line up higher than the master cylinder to keep bubbles from rising up it - and it snapped. Clean through. Cleaner than if Raiden sliced it with some sort of cyberpunk katana. The “hose” part of the line is some sort of transparent plastic that turned brittle with age. I tried the line from the ‘68, but it’s too short. So I had to order a new line. $60 for a short bit of hose. Not happy. And of course, the weekend of Radwood, when a bunch of friends will be in town. OTL

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