Wow. This week sucked

Havent had a day off in 3 weeks

Weds i got electrocuted and stayed an hour after work to get yelled at by a customer for their shitty ass ducati being shitty

Thursday I put a bike into a door as i wasnt told it had no brakes. (Choice was a steel door or a lamborghini gallardo. I chose the door). Still going to cost me my entire paycheck to fix it all (jesus who knew a steel door was $400?!)


Friday I dropped my 3 month old s7 and fucked the screen

Sat I got away relativly scott free...only split my coffee all over the new audi

Sunday i went for a bicycle ride and had an argument with a racoon. Racoon lost, i still hit the dirt

Today Im looking at ebay as shes making a tick in the motor. No idea what. Valves or timing chain related. Also needs new chain/sprockets and new tire. And a new horn. And fix the speedo. And fix the abs.

My gloves finally need replacing

And my grandpa might not be around for much longer...


(Herr tdi, now gone, for your time)

Bikers have a saying. “When life gets you down, remember. Its one down and 5 up”

Apperently I have it on GP shift

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